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We asked. You Answered. We Listened. #vixenarmy

We thank you for taking to time to “stop, drop, pauuuuuse” and give use your honest feedback. Our goal is to create the ultimate Vixen Workout experience for every member of the #vixenarmy, whether it’s your first, 50th or 500th class. We have learned that we needed to make some immediate changes to our check-in procedures to make sure that every single one of you has a great experience with us.  We have made immediate changes enforced in all states to ensure that each and every Vixen walks out of class feeling like J. Lo each and every time.

  1. Class capacity at all locations has been lowered in order to create more space for everyone to booty shake.Check in process will now begin 45 minutes prior to class start time.

  2. You will no longer need to arrive hours before class time.

  3. Absolutely so saving of spots in class from staff or clients.

  4.  Sign & stay: you must be present to sign in for class and can no longer sign in for others, you may no longer sign in early and leave the premises

  5. Cell phones are for selfies only. filming during class is not permitted.

  6. Everyone must be 18yrs old to attend Vixen.  This will be enforced.

  7. At intermission, all instructors and staff will be switching the front rows of the dance room to the back and back rows to the front. Everyone will now have the opportunity to have a great spot in class.

Vixen Workout Miami at Body & Soul Gym: • Vixen Workout two-a-days are encouraged on Tuesday and Thursday nights. If you are turning up in the 7pm class, you will be allowed to sign in for your next sweat session when sign ups open for everyone. (7:45pm sharp)

• The front doors will open to the first 30 ticket holders 10 minutes prior to class start time. Vixen Workout Dance Assistants will be there to guide you on the floor before class starts.

Click here for more information on vixen equiette. Thank you #vixenarmy for your endless support.

Love, Vixen Workout team

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