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ELLE: This Beyoncé-Inspired Workout Is the Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Doing Cardio

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

MAR 11, 2016

While Beyoncé’s trainer has let us in on her squat-heavyworkout routine, we know there’s really one thing that’s gotten her that famous body: dancing. Swerving, twerking, and “surfboardt”-ing for hours on stage (and in rehearsal) tones you like nothing else. That’s why hordes of women in Miami and New York are flocking to Vixen Workout, a hip hop dance cardio class inspired by Queen Bey herself.

Vixen was started by Janet Jones, a former Miami Heat dancer who has also performed as a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Pitbull. In an hour-long workout designed by Jones, you can burn 400 to 1,000 calories in a class that typically includes a sick soundtrack (Top 40 rap songs, Bey, Rihanna, even Bieber), a dark studio illuminated with black lights, and women wearing full faces of makeup and high heel wedge sneakers. It’s very sexy, very sweaty, and very fun. If you don’t consider yourself a dancer, no worries: The choreo is fairly easy to follow. Here, we have Jones demonstrate five signature Vixen Workout moves and a seven-minute workout that’ll have you wanting to join the #vixenarmy by the end of it.

Jump Squats With Inner-Outer Thigh Sits

How to do them: Starting with your legs together, jump into a plié squat. Repeat twice. Bring the left knee in, then sit into the squat and repeat with the right knee.

Cross Punches With Pops

How to do them: In a plié squat, alternate rapid cross-body punches 4 times into 2 alternating booty-pops. (In the booty pops, be sure to contract your abs before and after popping the hips back.)

Hip Swings

How to do them: In a wide “V” stance, place hands on hips and swing hips from right to left. Alternate arms between on the hips and over the head.

Punch Downs

How to do them: Twist the torso so your chest is facing the right corner. Bring the chest down to the knee and punch down with both arms. Because you are twisting to the right first, the left arm should be in the front when the right knee is up. Bring the foot back to neutral and the arms up by your chest. Do the same movement to the left. This movement can be done in different patterns (for example: singles/single-single-double/doubles)

Battle Arms With Roundabout

How to do them: Starting in neutral position, bring the left arm across the body. Bring the right leg out to a bent, wide stance and pull the left arm. Make sure you hit a sharp movement with the elbow. Repeat on the other side. In a wide stance with bent knees, drop the torso in a circular movement twice while keeping the abs engaged. Repeat.

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