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The Only Way to Live


When Miami Heat dancer, Janet Jones was laid off from her day job in finance, she had to find a way to support herself, and her young daughter. Thus, the Vixen workout was born.

Jones’ sexy hour-long cardio hip-hop style dance fitness class evolved from 2 women to a verified “Vixen Army” of 15,000 women. Since 2012 she has established her army in Miami, New York City and everywhere in between.

Janet Jones tells us how she has the energy to be a professional dancer, choreographer, businesswoman, mom of a four-year-old, fiancé, and the leader of the Vixen Army.

“Clean eating instead of dieting. You have more energy to exercise, and eating this way keeps you clearheaded so you can make better and healthier decisions all day long. Taking the time to care for yourself by eating better and exercising can lead to a more attractive outer appearance, but also a happier outlook. That happiness is then radiated into beauty.  When you’re in balance and feel happy, that’s when you feel the most alive, and there’s no other way to live.”

Janet Jones

Janet Jones began her professional dance career as one of the Miami Heat Dancers. While dancing with the Heat Dancers, Jones caught the eye of a well-known choreographer, Darrin Henson, who recruited her to dance in the first Hip-Hop Dance Instructional Video called Darrin’s Dance Grooves (DDG). Working with Henson and being part of DDG launched Jones’ career leading her to work in and behind-the-scenes in music videos, commercials, film and stage projects. Jones created The Vixen Workout, a cardio dance fitness class, to give women everywhere juggling the work-life balance an opportunity to cut loose in a club-like atmosphere, but with in a secure environment.  The Vixen Workout is a fitness craze spreading across the country with sold-out classes that require a waiting list in South Florida and New York. For more information about Janet Jones visit The Vixen Workout.

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