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Janet Jones, Founder of the Vixen Workout, Talks Beauty Must-Haves


Meet Janet Jones, the mastermind behind Vixen Workout—the women-only, booty-popping, “ay, papi“-chanting dance fitness class catching fire across the country.

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Strobe lights. Lipstick. Tacones. Fitness. In an ordinary world, one of these things isn’t like the others, but en el mundo de Janet Jones, the Miami founder of Vixen Workout, the hip-hop cardio class held in Florida, New York City, and Los Angeles, they go hand in hand.

More like a dance party (one with choreographed routines) than an exercise class, Vixen Workout blends music from our favorite artists with moves normally saved for videos and halftime performances. “The idea was to bottle the ecstasy that only performers experience while onstage and serve it to the general public,” says Jones, 33, who knows a little something about working a stage. A Miami Heat dancer turned backup dancer, Jones has performed with Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Alejandro Sanz, and others. “In my classes, women have to feel like they’re in their own concert,” she says.

Jones credits her Dominican culture for her love of dance. “Growing up, I spent my summers in the Dominican Republic, where I trained at Articentro Miriam Bello,” she says. “I remember feeling so alive because every day was filled with music and dance.” Today she recaptures that feeling for her students (a.k.a. the Vixen Army) by recommending a dress code that includes a pair of wedge-heel sneakers, plus a full face of makeup. “It’s a mind trick,” she says. “The more you get in character, the more fun you have, the better the workout.” Pick up a few trucos from Ms. Jones.

Her Hometown

 “My love for music comes from growing up in Miami and hearing my mother sing songs like El Africano’ while she cleaned.”

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Her Time With the Heat

“I had never done hip-hop before joining the Heat Dancers, but dancing in a huge arena to music you party to in the club was fun,” says Jones, at left.

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Her Lip Philosophy

“When a student comes to class in bright lipstick, I know she’s ready to be seen!” Try MAC Moody Blooms Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Lust Extract ($17,

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Her Beauty Wish for Su Hijita

“I hope my daughter, Ava, embraces early on what makes her different.”

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Her Showtime Scent

“In my class you have to give yourself the illusion you’re going out, so I’ll spray on a light body splash.” Try Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Fragrance Mist ($25,

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Her Gotta-Have-It Cleanser

“I love the Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser [$20,].”

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Her Favorite Foundation

“Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow [$36,] gives me the perfect glow.”

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Her Perfect Primer

“I always start with Bobbi Brown SPF 50 Protective Face Base [$40,] to keep my makeup from running.”

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