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Introducing ‘Vixen Workout’, where cardio meets Beyonce

A new workout trend encourages women to unleash their inner Beyonce by giving cardio routines a touch of nightclub sexiness.

Before the music begins, members of the women-only exercise class — dressed in shredded tank tops, full makeup and wedged sneakers — pose seductively before studio mirrors and chant, “Yes, I’m sexy. Yes, I’m fierce. Yes, I’ve got this.”

Empowerment is a big part of the Vixen workout, a hip-hop dance class with a nightclub feel that fitness experts say offers a cardio girls’ night out to women who may be keen to channel their inner Beyonce, Ciara or Rihanna, but wouldn’t be caught dead in a gym.

“It’s all about wearing your sexiest leggings, putting on your brightest red lipstick and taking your hair down so you can bend over and shake it,” said Jolie Bedini, 40, a single mother who takes a Miami Vixen class up to five times a week.