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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Meet Ethel Roxas, certified VXN Instructor from Los Angeles and part of the #VXNARMYLA

We asked her some questions so that you can get more insight into who she is. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @vxnethelrox #vxnarmyLA #vxnarmylosangeles.


What do you do when you're not teaching VXN?

I'm a Sr. Manager in healthcare.

How long have you been a Certified Instructor?

Since July, 2020

Why did you decide to get certified?

I started attending vxn classes back in 2017 with marissa in nj. It was so much fun to just shake off all my stress & leave my heart on the dance floor. At first i felt self-conscious repeating those affirmations... but as the saying goes "fake it til you make it... or rather fake it til you become it." I truly felt sexy & fierce like I could take over the world. I decided to get certified because I want to empower others to believe in themselves and shine bright like the superstars we all are.

Favorite routine & why?

Megatron. This was one of the first routines i ever learned. The lyrics are a bit explicit but just like bde, this song gives big diva energy when they talk about the pussy being pricey.

What has inspired you the most in your journey as a Certified Instructor?

My co-instructor haley & our students. It has been so rewarding to work with haley & build our vxnarmy in los angeles. We have been each others cheerleaders and its amazing to think about where we started vs. Where we are today.

How long have you been a part of the #VXNArmy prior to becoming certified? How has your VXN Experience changed as an instructor vs. a client?

I was a client back in 2017 and got certified in 2020. It has been a fulfilling journey to become an instructor and empower the rest of our class to take up space & continue to fist pump their way to break the glass ceiling.

Favorite thing to do on your time off?

Go on adventures with my golden doodle

If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

Tell us about one of your current goals

Favorite quote?

"I am because we are"

Any additional facts of pieces of information that make you, YOU?

Im a sociomedical scientist by day, but twerk off the stress as a vxn instructor by night.


Interested in becoming an instructor? Learn more about how you can become a VXN instructor here.

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