How VXN improves Body Image

Body images or schema are mental representations that shape one’s physical identity.

It governs experience of the body; how people think they look, alignment, tension, breath, and movement patterns. This is constructed over time from experiences as early as infancy.

Body identity is created through social filters from family, communities, ethnic groups, or religions. A positive body image begins in infancy with positive feedback.

As a person develops, their body image may not match their physical body. If a person develops a sense their body is inferior, the image becomes negatively distorted.

Appearance and body satisfaction are major contributors to overall self-esteem since a sense of one’s body is a central organizing component involving interplay between cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes. A negative image can reduce confidence, inhibit physical achievement, and even interfere with social interaction.

How VXN Improves body Image

VXN provides exercise and functional understanding of one’s body. During VXN you are primarily working on body schema awareness. This is why VXN participants feel an immediate improvement in their confidence; and why someone who might be considered overweight by societal norms might have a better body image than someone who considered thin.

Body Awareness is the first step toward change. Once a person can sense what he or she is doing and experiences new options, she can make choices, and lasting change becomes possible.

Love + Light

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