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How VXN Helps Women Improve Their Body Image

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Wondering how VXN can improve your body image? This is a question we get a lot, and it's an important one—because you deserve to feel good about yourself, and the way you look is an important part of that feeling.

When we're talking about body image, we're not just talking about how you see yourself. We're talking about how your body schema is affecting you: the way you move, the way you think and feel about your body, and even the way other people treat you. Body schema is the mental representation of your physical identity—how you perceive yourself in the world. It's a series of beliefs and feelings about your own body that have been formed over time through experiences like early feedback from family members or communities.

And if those beliefs aren't positive? Not good! Body image is one of the primary contributors to self-esteem, and when it's negatively distorted, it can have serious consequences for your life. That's why it's so important to work toward getting a positive body schema—and luckily there are some simple ways to get started!

One of those ways is through VXN. When you do VXN Workouts, you're working on physical awareness: being able to sense what's happening in your body as it moves through space and time. VXN provides exercise and functional understanding of one’s body during workouts – this is why VXN participants feel an immediate improvement in their confidence; why someone who might be considered overweight by societal norms might have a better body image than someone who is considered thin.

This kind of awareness is crucial if you want to learn how to change anything about yourself.

VXN is all about helping people feel more confident in their bodies by teaching them about their own physical abilities and limitations. Once a person knows exactly what's going on inside his or her own body, he or she can make choices about what to do next. And when those choices are made from a place of self-awareness rather than fear, they become lasting changes that can improve any aspect of life: relationships, career goals… even mood!

Love + Light

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